FUCK FRED!!!!!!!!

i hate fred fred is worst youtuber on youtube. his videos are not funny and are for babies like jimmy in english. i hate fred because he is not funny and is maybe gay his voice is like a girls!!!!!!!!!! he is not good. i like smosh because they are funny and cool and good. ray wiliam johnson is very funny equals three makes me laugh. he also mad yfm which is amazing and my favrite band. fred does not make any good music all his music is bad and for babies and girls and gay.fred is not good like smosh. he is dumb. smosh has millions of subscribers fred should have zero. i also like pewdiepie and tobuscus because they play games and say funny things. fred does not play games i think hes too busy playign dressup with the girls to even care about good video games. i bet he plays baby games while smosh tobucus and pewdiepie play cod. when fred dies i will be happy i will dance over his grave. i do like freds dad he is buff like my dad. but fred is still stpid fred doesnt eevn sware smosh and pewdiepie swear all the time i sweatr too watch this fuck see i swear fred does not swear because hii s fans are babys that cant swear yet. fred is gay he likes gay guys weird!!!! smosh likes the girls and ladies tobuscus too and pewdiepie has girlfrind. fuck fred. fred is stupid. i dont like fred why do people like fred he isnt funny. fuck fred.